Cyclops krull

"Each to his Fate."

Rell is a Cyclops on the planet Krull. He follows Colwyn and his troops after he hears that the Old One had come from the Mountains. He travels with Colwyn's troops for most of their journey, forging a special friendship with Ergo, and becomes admired for his power and kindness by the Bandits. After Ynyr reveals the next location of The Black Fortress he is the one who tells Colwyn of the Fire Mares, and after herding them he decides to
Bulletproof cyclops

A Slayer's blast hits Rell

stay behind, for he knows this is where he must die. Nevertheless, when Colwyn is held back by the Slayers Rell rides to their aid and storms The Black Fortress, finally sacrifices himself to allow the others to invade the Fortress.
A cyclops death

Rell holds the door open for the others before it crushes him